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Meet the team at DreamUSA.

The Full Story:

DreamUSA is a Career and Educational agency with a vision to transform people's careers. This has been founded on strict integral principles - by the community, for the community. This implies that the community that founded this has strong cultural ties to both United States and India. This knowledge, training, and guidance are to impact ll aspiring students and parent communities in India and globally. We strongly believe that there is always a perfect rewarding career for everyone and that learning never ends. It's in this continuum that we explore various diverse emerging fields of study and help achieve the goals of thousands of students with no age bar.


Our Coaching Forum brings together news, views, and essential information, all written by passionate and knowledgeable community members. Please don’t hesitate to start a new topic or contribute to an ongoing discussion. Browse our posts on the upcoming forum and members page. Join the conversation today. Our key staff members who are part of this community below will be growing soon. We also have 2 offices, USA and India, Hyderabad. 


Our Vision:

DreamUSA also delivers a 360-degree spectrum of services, delivering wow experiences for parents and students. We train and guide everyone, enabling skills and talent so that qualified students can aim to achieve their dream with the right career and institute in the United States. 

Our Mission:

To transform the lives of all people, students, and parents so that they can achieve a passionate and rewarding career. 


+ 1 574-200-0056 - USA

+ 91 98441-69231 - India


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